Simco-ION is the worldwide leader in ionization solutions and offers static control and ionization solutions for various manufacturing processes and environments aimed at increasing productivity and quality. CCT focusses on the high end technology areas within the High-Tech Industry, such as Semiconductor Manufacturing, Cleanroom Applications, Life Sciences and PCB Electronic Assembly.

Ionizing Bars

Simco-ION’s ionizing bars are designed to control static charge in mini-environments, laminar flow hoods and workstations. Ionizing bars feature unique aerodynamic design that ionizes a local area without disrupting laminar flow. 

Ionizing Blowers

Our line of ionizing blowers are specially suited for final manufacturing applications from the smaller point of use ionizers that fit inside of tools to the larger benchtop and overhead ionizing blowers for larger applications such as mini-environments and benchtop assembly.

Confined Space

Critical Environment

Ionizing Guns, Cartridges and Nozzles

Ionization air guns, nozzles and cartridges are perfect for point of use applications. Ionizing blow-off guns and nozzles are used to remove contaminants and static charges from surfaces and parts, which reduces the chance of damage from ESD (Electrostatic Discharge). 

TopGun Sidekick

Special Application Ionizers

Our line of confined space ionizers are specially suited for applications with tight space constraints or where low clearance is an issue. Optional accessories such as fan attachment or an in-line air delivery system helps increase the static charge control of these ionizers for areas where ambient airflow is limited.

Extreme Temperature 


Cleanroom Ceiling Emitters

Ceiling emitter room systems use pulsed DC to lessen the recombination of ions, thus maximizing the control of ESD throughout a large work area.



Simco-ION Electrostatic Fieldmeters are designed to locate and measure static charge potentials on products, people, equipment and packaging.Simco-Ion Charge Plate Monitor is designed to measure electrostatic fields from static charge, to determine where ionization is needed and to evaluate ionization performance after installation.

CPM 280A

NOVX ESD Monitoring

What is electrostatic sensing?

Simco-ION Novx Electrostatic Sensing and Process Monitors, monitor and analyze advanced process environments in the semiconductor, life sciences, flat-panel display and PCB and electronic assembly industries. 

NOVX 7000
NOVX 3352/3362