Futurestar makes world-class products that monitor and control aggressive and ultra pure liquids using PFA, PTFE and other high performance fluoropolymers. Futurestar serves manufacturers of semiconductor processing equipment and semiconductor end users.


Futurestar’s variable area flowmeters, Paddlewheel , Ultrasonic Purgemeter and KVF Vortex flowmeters provide stable and repeatable flow indication  in aggressive and ultra pure applications.

* Entegris has removed the Accutek® variable area flowmeters (rotameters) in both machined and molded versions from their product offering. We can offer direct replacements for the machined parts

Valves & Flow Controllers

Futurestar has developed one of the best performing flow controllers in the market. This valve is ideal for a variety of applications such as chemical blending and dispensing or DI quick rinse metering.
The biggest area of use is on single wafer multi chamber tools for cleaning and etching.

* Compared to competition Futurestar offers a solution where each chamber can have a different flow rate of the same chemical/liquid using a single pump.  Space may be another advantage with our mAV being smaller.   

The i-flow series integrated flow control is designed as an all in one closed loop flow control system.


AV proportional control valve provides unparalleled accuracy in the control of critical process flows.

mini AutoValve (mAV)

The new mAV offers a much smaller footprint compared to standard AV with a 48% smaller total volume, more features and lower cost. 

Provide optimum resolution
and linearity for control
and adjustment of flow


Guardian™ QEV vent pneumatic valves and components within the liquid
containment chamber.

Sensors & Accessories

Sentinel Series Sensors provide non-contact monitoring of float position on Pathfinder® and Odyssey® Series flowmeters, providing a signal to system controls for alarm and flow switch functions.

The Electronic Sentinel® operates in the opposed mode with light passing from an emitter to a receiver on the opposite side.


Standard and low profile sensors use
fiber optics to sense the presence or
absence of a float.

The three-position sensor uses fiber
optics operating in the opposed mode
similar to the standard sensor.


Electric Sentinel
Electric Sentinel
Fiber Optic Sentinel
Fiber Optic Sentinel