Since 1968 ChemTec has been engineering and manufacturing their patented line of flow meters, flow monitors, and excess flow valves.ChemTec specializes in low flow applications (120 SCFM; 20 GPM or less) and currently is the only manufacturer of all-Teflon® Flow Switches and Flow Meters.


(Non)Adjustable Flow Monitors, Sensors & Switches

LPH Series
FAV Series
LCA Series
125 BP Series
125 Series
CCM Series
500 BP Series
LFS Series
FS Series
Custom 125

Flow Meters

ChemTec MAO Series Flow Meter — Measuring Flows of Corrosive and Non-Corrosive Liquids.*All Teflon wetted parts model available. No seals. Undamaged by over ranging.

MAO 125/250
MAO 500

Excess Flow Valves

For Preventing Uncontrolled Flows of Gases and Liquids.

EFV Series
EFV MRS Series
HPEFV Series
Custom HP EFV Example

Filter housings, custom parts, fittings and accessories

Available in both Flare and Nippon Pillar fittings.
ChemTec does have a Nippon Pillar License for 1/8” upto 3/4” and they can manufacture fittings with different fitting connections on each end.

Filter Housing 1/8” NPS300
Fitting 1/8” NPS300
Fitting Flare 1/8” NPS300
Arc Suppressor XE-1201
Time Delay Relay Module