MTI Instruments is a leading provider of non-contact physical measurement tool and condition based monitoring systems.

MTII’s products – used worldwide by clients requiring the highest level of accuracy – span all industry sectors.

Non-Contact Measurement

Non-contact displacement sensing can be accomplished by a variety of sensors such as eddy current, capacitance, laser triangulation, confocal chromatic and fiber optic.

The 1510A Precision Portable Signal Generator is a must-have for engineers and technicians working in a variety of fields – from routine troubleshooting and maintenance, to calibrating and tuning advanced equipment such as eddy current probes, strain gauge amplifiers, or charge amplifiers for gas turbine vibration analysis.


Semiconductor / Solar Metrology Systems

MTI Instruments offers manual and semi-automated metrology systems for the solar and semiconductor industries. These capacitance based systems, built around the company’s proprietary push/pull technology, provide non-contact measurement of thickness, TTV, and bow/warp.

The Proforma 300i wafer thickness gauge is a capacitance-based, differential measurement system that performs non-contact thickness measurements of semiconducting and semi-insulating wafers.

The Proforma 300iSA is a benchtop/desktop, semi-automated wafer measurement system for semi-conducting and semi-insulating materials delivering full wafer surface scanning for thickness, thickness variation, bow, warp, sori, site and global flatness.

A high-speed, multi-channel thickness, TTV and bow measurement module for in-process monitoring of solar/photovoltaic wafers and other materials.

OEM/Custom Solutions

Custom Capacitance Sensors:
Measure displacement and gap with non-contact force at sub-micron resolution. Ideal for applications such as lobing, lens focusing, Piezo positioning, sheet metal thickness, gap measurement, as well as flatness and alignment test applications.

The Accumeasure MicroCap is a compact, custom designed, OEM capacitance board for high-precision non-contact displacement, thickness and gap measurement.

MTI offers probes for grounded targets using single-ended probes and for ungrounded or poorly grounded targets using push/pull probes.